It happened in a small village situated at the foot of a big mountain. The weather had formed a human face in the rocks which overlooked the village. Its huge size made the face look severe and serious. The people of the village were told that one day a good man would come who would have the same features as the rocky face. He would make the village well-known and would do unforgettable good to the elderly, sick and needy.  

There was a six-year old boy who heard this story. He could not stop reflecting on it and he would look time and time again at the rocky face. He could not understand how this face, which he did not like very much, could belong to such a good man.

The boy grew up. He often stood at the entrance of his house and meditated on the rock. Sometimes he stopped in midst of his work and looked at it. Gradually he began to like the stony face more and more. He found its eyes mild and its mouth friendly. One day the young man passed through the village. When his neighbors saw him they were stunned. They saw that this young man had the same face as the face in the rocks and that nothing could be compared to his charity.

The meditative look is a great mystery. When two people who love each other have been together for a long time, they tend to look very much alike. Could that not also happen when we meditate long enough on the face of Christ?  (Aus: Inmitten der City, H. Gilhaus)

Gut zu wissen / Good to know

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