March 2021

Dear Sisters and Benefactors,

Greetings to you from all of us, the blind girls/young women, staff and Sisters at Margaretha Home for the Blind.

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February 2, 2021

Dear Sisters and Benefactors,

Loving greetings to you from all of us!  It seems that we just welcomed the New Year, and now it is February already.  Here at Margaretha Home for the Blind, we, the blind girls/young women, staff, housemothers and Sisters were kept busy to keep our spirit of JOY up and going in spite of the pandemic quarantine situation.  We hope that our mission email update will lift up your spirit, as we share our fun times during last month with you. (Continue)

December 2020

Dear Sisters and Benefactors,

Although we are still in this pandemic time, may the everlasting LOVE, quiet PEACE and fun-filled JOY of Christmas be yours and with your loved ones.

Surely, our celebration this year will be very different from all our past years, but the great LOVE, poured to us by our EMMANUEL, is the same forever.  “GOD WITH US.”  Let us pray for one another and also for all the victims and front-liners of this Covid19.  We pray that the blessings and graces of our newborn King will be a new light to our world that will overcome all forms of darkness. (Open the letter here)

Beginning of the Jubilee Year for Margaretha Home (Read more details)



Dear Sisters and Benefactors,

The year 2020 has been a real challenge for a lot of us.  But the girls and staff of Margaretha Home for the Blind encourage us to look at the good things, as they serenade us with some Filipino Christmas Carols.

This video is a little lengthy, but we hope, that you will bear to watch it. It is our simple way to share Christmas with you and your family.  Merry Christmas.

You can also watch this or share it with your family and friends through FB or YouTube. 

[ Sharing Christmas Joy from Margaretha Home for the Blind ]


The year 2020 brought to us fear, worry, sickness and a virus that does not choose, whoever we are - not only here in our country, but all over the world.  Many recovered, but many lost their lives - in fact, they are our loved ones and friends.  That is, why many say: “Christmas won’t be the same without you”.  But we can still keep them in our hearts this Christmas and always.


In spite of the trials and challenges that came to us due to the pandemic, unemployment and worries, we can all still be excited about the coming Christmas.  This is not about the material things that we give to one another, but what is most important now is: to let our loved ones feel our love for them and that we will be together during this Christmas.  How many more sleeps, then it is Christmas,


Just what we said before, the pandemic we experience now changes our life drastically.  But we should not forget the true meaning of Christmas:  that Jesus loves us.  With all the hardships, sickness and trials we can say: we will continue to have Christmas.


Christmas songs, Christmas balls, Christmas trees are all reminders that Christmas is coming soon. Even the wind is getting cooler now.  Our celebration will be very different now, but we have to remember, that Christmas is a season of love and cheer.  It is a wonderful and a musical time of the year, especially for children, but the adults are not exempted.  May we choose to count our blessings instead of our pains and fears, because Jesus loves us, all of us.

Loving Merry Christmas  to you all,

Daisy, Sherry Ann, Rowena, Pauline, Joan, Sharon, Lyn, Carla, Karen, Sunshine, Trisha, MeryAnn, Abi, Lynette, Ate Nora, Ate Pia, Ate Zeny, Kuya Joel, Ate Beth, Ate Lanette, Sister Theresia, Sister Maria Dolores






Gut zu wissen / Good to know

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