October 2020

Dear Sisters and Benefactors,

Once again greetings to all of you from all of us at Margaretha Home for the Blind. September passed by quietly at Margaretha Home, and this coming October will be on a very fast pace, especially with the new on-line education system with weekly hand-in school modules.  Anyway… you will hear about this next month. (Open here)

September 2020

Dear Sisters and Benefactors

The month of August surely passed by so fast.  With all the preparations for the coming school year, which was now postponed again to October 5, our blind girls/young women at Margaretha Home were kept busy by refreshing their daily living skills activities, reading and writing Braille, practicing to type computer keyboards and also other fun recreational activities.  In spite of all of these, our girls are mindful every day to thank God for the blessings they received through you, who care and remember them especially during this pandemic time.  They pray for the benefactors, i.e. you, when they go to chapel for their morning prayer and also during their breakfast prayer.  Our afternoon rosary time is preceded also by offering the prayer intentions.  We are all conscious in prayer for you, because this is the only way we know to express our gratitude for all you did and do for us and for the mission for the blind.

Dear Sisters and Benefactors,

Here we are again, in spite of the locked-down and quarantine, to share with you our joys and fun, as we try to rise above our fears and anxieties during this pandemic time.

 At Margaretha Home for the Blind we continue with our daily activities and programs: for our daily living skills, personal development, spiritual growth and educational enrichment.

 We pray every day for you and your loved ones during our afternoon rosary time and during our on-line TV Mass on Sundays.  Our Mass last July 12 at 10:30 a.m. was offered for you and all your intentions.  To help to keep up with our health; we have morning exercises and walks on the tread mill, since we cannot walk outside.  We also have our weekly Catechism classes, scripture sharing, reading club, workshops, “watching” movies and karaoke singing.  Since the school system will be different now, computer classes are offered to our girls.  Thank God and thanks to Acer Philippines, we have enough laptops to get our blind students ready for the coming school year.

 During the last week of June our entire Margaretha Home Family went for a mini vacation of four days to the Tan’s residence at Sta. Quiteria, Caloocan City.  The Tan family members are all in the United States, so we are free to use the house.  During these days, we had the outdoor summer camping fest with our Margaretha Home Girls and Staff.  We had several relay games outdoor, swimming in an inflatable pool, and group activity games.  In between we “watched” downloaded movies, and of course there was more time for everyone to just relax and sleep.  Our girls also had a chance to play piano (instead of keyboard) and enjoyed the nice sound produced.

 Thanks again for your gifts and support that help us to make these continuing programs possible for our blind girls.  Your love and expressed concern for us, especially during this pandemic time, are really gratefully appreciated.  In return, we try to call our friends, benefactors and elderly people around us by telephone or mobile phone, and we sing to them and talk to them to make them smile and happy.

 In the meantime, let us continue to pray for all the front-liners and victims of CoVid19.  The number of victims is still increasing in our area, although not drastically.  Let us all stay safe.  May our good Lord continue to bless you and all your loved ones.  May God bless us all through the intercession of Mama Mary and our dear Mother Pauline.


MHB Blind Girls & Staff

Sr. Theresia

Sr. Maria Dolores

August 2020

Dear Sisters and Benefactors

Loving greeting to you from all of us, the blind girls/young women, the staff and the Sisters of Margaretha Home for the Blind.  We are all in the midst of this pandemic crisis, and we continue to trust that all of this will soon be well… in God’s Time and Way.

Here in Metro Manila, we are now back to a lock-down quarantine.  Our street is blocked again.  Only persons with proper local government passes are allowed to go out.  Schools are not in session yet.  But here in Margaretha Home, we try to prepare our girls for the coming school year.  We are not sure, how the government will do this, but definitely, there will be on-line classes via Zoom.  So we provided more time for our students to learn and practice computer.  In between we have different educational activities and games for our Learning Center students. ( Go to the link of our Philippine Mission)

Once again greetings to you from all of us here at Margaretha Home for the Blind. Some News

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