Dear Sisters and Benefactors,

It seems that September will be a normal month here in the Philippines. Last month, August, we had many days off from school due to heavy rain and flooding, and we also had many legal holidays.

Although our weather condition is getting better here in Manila, we - together with all our blind girls - are aware to pray for all victims of weather calamities all over the world.

Last August we celebrated at Margaretha Home “Buwan Ng Wika” (National Language Month). Our blind girls, divided into two groups, sang Tagalog songs and also dramatized a short story made up by themselves. The theme of the story was: how to share and help one another. Both groups did very well.

Dear Sisters and Benefactors,

All of us, Sisters, are now back from our General Chapter Meetings held in Paderborn, Germany, last month.  It went very well, and we all had an enjoyable time to be with our international group of SCC Sisters.  Thanks for praying for us during this time.

At Margaretha Home, our blind girls were kept busy with their studies during the past month.  Unfortunately, they had many cancelled school days due to heavy rain and typhoon.

As always, Margaretha Home celebrated the Nutrition Month with a culminating activity of preparing a delicious, nutritious, and appealing vegetarian dinner.  The Margaretha girls and staff were divided into two groups.  Each group presented the menu, what ingredients they used and how it was prepared, and most importantly, the nutritional value of each prepared food.  They really did a good job.  Everyone was involved in the preparation, including our most handicapped girls.

Once again we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making this experience for our girls possible because of your help and support.  Thanks also for your prayers and for remembering us always.  With grateful love, our Mass this coming Saturday at our Margaretha Home Chapel at 5 pm will be offered for you and all your loved ones.

God bless you and your family.  Know that you have a special place in the morning prayers of our Margaretha Home girls every morning, when they pray in our Chapel and at their breakfast meal prayer.

With Grateful Hearts,

MHB Blind Girls and Staff

S. Theresia
S. Maria Adriana
S. Maria Dolores

May 2019

Dear Sisters and Benefactors

Greetings to you once again from all of us here from Margaretha Home for the Blind – the blind residents and the staff and the Sisters. Mid April to May was surely busy for all of us.  Here are some updates of our MHB summer activities, accompanied with pictures for you to see.

During Holy Week of Lent we had our PABASA or chanting of the life narrative of Jesus.  This is a devotional practice done here in the Philippines.  We prayed the Stations of the Cross outdoor in our garden.  During Palm Sunday we had the Palm Sunday procession in our Margaretha Home garden.  We had most of our Liturgical services done in Margaretha home, since we cannot take all of our blind girls together to our Parish Church.  They took their turns in participating the different services during the Easter Triduum.  During the Lenten Recollection of Bishop Mylo in SM Mega Trade Center, he invited our girls to sing at the end of his talk.  His theme was on “Giftedness”, and he shared with his audience the giftedness of our blind girls.

Dear Sisters and Benefactors,

Greetings to you from all of us, the blind girls, the staff and the Sisters.  All our blind girls enjoyed their summer break/vacation.  For this year, only two were able to go home for a visit, and the ones left behind had enjoyable camping days in the convent for a longer period of time.

This school year, Trisha, Lyn and Sunshine go to Batino Sped Elementary School.  Sunshine is now in the “self-contained” classroom for sped students, because she had problems to cope with the regular students.  Karen is a Senior High School student in Mindoro, Sharon goes to NVRC to study Massage, and Lynette is still in Hotel Novotel’s Laundry Department.  The other seven - Daisy, Sheh, Mery Ann, Rowena, Joan, Abi and Pauline - are in our Mother Pauline Learning Center and Workshop for the Blind.

Dear Sister Adalberta,

A grace-filled Lent to you and your family from all of us here in Margaretha Home for the Blind.

One of our outreach programs for Margaretha Home last month was to visit a home for multi-handicapped children. Our blind girls prepared songs and sang for them. Then they were given ample time to interact and communicate with the residents of Handicapped Center Lourdes. It was a beautiful experience to see our blind girls really reaching out to other multi-handicapped children.

Now our girls are all out of school, and we are busy setting up our worthwhile educational and fun time summer programs. Since it is the end of our school calendar year here in the Philippines, we thought to update you also with the educational status of our blind girls.

We had the Recognition and Appreciation Day for our seven special blind girls/young women last March 29, Friday. Since most of them are up in their age, we combined the workshop program with the learning center program. So now it is called the Mother Pauline Learning Center and Workshop for the Blind. Daisy, Sheh, Rowena, Abi, Joan, Pauline and Mery Ann received certificates that state their capabilities and talents shared in the Learning Center and Workshop.

Gut zu wissen / Good to know

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