Dear Sister Adalberta,

A grace-filled Lent to you and your family from all of us here in Margaretha Home for the Blind.

One of our outreach programs for Margaretha Home last month was to visit a home for multi-handicapped children. Our blind girls prepared songs and sang for them. Then they were given ample time to interact and communicate with the residents of Handicapped Center Lourdes. It was a beautiful experience to see our blind girls really reaching out to other multi-handicapped children.

Now our girls are all out of school, and we are busy setting up our worthwhile educational and fun time summer programs. Since it is the end of our school calendar year here in the Philippines, we thought to update you also with the educational status of our blind girls.

We had the Recognition and Appreciation Day for our seven special blind girls/young women last March 29, Friday. Since most of them are up in their age, we combined the workshop program with the learning center program. So now it is called the Mother Pauline Learning Center and Workshop for the Blind. Daisy, Sheh, Rowena, Abi, Joan, Pauline and Mery Ann received certificates that state their capabilities and talents shared in the Learning Center and Workshop.

Three of our girls are students in Batino Elementary Sped School: Trisha, Lyn and Sunshine.  They also received various awards. We are all happy for them, because we know, that they tried their best in spite of the challenges they face in the competition with all the normal students in school.

Sharon had her Moving-On Ceremony in Quirino High School after her Grade 10.  She expressed that she wants to study massage. So in the next school year, she will be going to the nearby National Vocational Rehabilitation Center to learn and be certified as a Registered Masseur. Karen would like to be a teacher, so she will be going back to Mindoro next school year for her Grade 12 in Senior High School. After her Graduation next year she wants to pursue her studies in College to become a teacher. Lynette, our hearing impaired and partial sighted girl continues her program in the Laundry Department at Novotel Hotel.She is doing fairly well. She travels alone to the hotel and back home.

Our blind girls were able to reach these educational levels with great hope for a brighter future because of your love, help, support, and prayers extended to them. We are all very grateful for these. In return, we can only extend our promise of prayers for you and your loved ones. Our Mass this coming April 6 in our Margaretha Home Chapel will be offered for you and all your intentions.

Bye for now. Let us be united during this Lenten Season in prayers and compassionately live and share this with others, so that we can experience truly the joy, peace and love of the coming Easter! God bless us all!


MHB Blind girls and Staff
Sister Maria Adriana
Sister Theresia
Sister Maria Dolores

MHB in Handicapped Center Lourdes
MHB in Handicapped Center Lourdes
SMD - Abi - SMA - Pauline - Sheh - Rowena - ST - Joan - MeryAnn

Gut zu wissen / Good to know

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