Los alumnos de la Escuela Madre Paulina en Montevideo celebraron el cumpleaños de la Madre Paulina en un modo creativo, simple, feliz.


Este video es una síntesis de la Misión Mallinckrodt 2015. Si bien es de hace unos años atrás, seguimos siempre compartiéndolo ya que es una síntesis de la actividad de nuestras Hermanas y alumnos de nuestros Colegios. Misión netamente evangelizadora.

During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Comforted after receiving the Urbi et orbi blessing that the Holy Father imparted from St. Peter's Square in the Vatican, we reflected on his words: "Like the disciples of the Gospel, we were surprised by an unexpected and furious storm. We realized that we were in the same boat, all fragile and disoriented; but, at the same time, important and necessary, all called to row together, all in need of mutual comfort. In this boat, we are all. Just as those disciples, who speak with one voice and in anguish say: "we are perishing" (cf. v. 38), so we too discover that we cannot go on our own, but only together... "Why are you afraid? Do you still not have faith? Lord, you are addressing a call to us, a call to faith. That it is not so much to believe that You exist, but to go towards You and to trust You. In this Lent, your urgent call resounds: "Repent", "return to me with all your heart" (Joel 2:12). You call us to take this time of trial as a time of choice. It is not the time of your trial, but of our trial: the time to choose between what truly counts and what happens, to separate what is necessary from what is not. It is the time to re-establish the course of life towards you, Lord, and towards others. (Homily of the Holy Father for the end of the Pandemic)

These words of the Holy Father reflect the spirit in which we want to live this difficult moment. This is a time of grace. It is a time of the cross and therefore of Salvation. The Lord is with us. It is a time of learning, of growth. It is a time of trust. It is time to put aside small selfishness and think about those who are less able to take care of themselves and those who are giving their lives to save the lives of others. It is time for generous prayer. It is time to use time well. It is, as the Holy Father says, time to choose and to restore the direction of life.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, in the Uruguay - Argentina Region, we are living Lent in a very special way in union with Christ. We listen and obey the recommendations of our Pastors, the Congregation and our Governments.

30 DE ABRIL de 2020, estando nuestro País en absoluta cuarentena, la evangelización digital es en estos momentos la única vía de llegada a las familias para acercarles material espiritual. Como regalo espiritual edité este video para ayudar a las familias a responder al pedido del Santo Padre que hizo un fuerte llamado a la Iglesia para redescubrir el Santo Rosario. En el video aparecen niños de los 5 continentes rezando el Santo Rosario, y muy especialmente participaron alumnos de cada uno de los Colegios de nuestra Región Uruguayo-Argentina.
Este video fue enviado a nuestras familias con el siguiente mensaje: "En este día tan especial de la Fiesta de nuestra Fundadora, la Beata Madre Paulina von Mallinckrodt, las Hermanas de la Caridad Cristiana queremos regalar a la Virgen Santísima, Nuestra Madre Inmaculada, este Santo Rosario Mundial, rezado por niños del mundo entero. Siendo Año Mariano en Argentina, queremos homenajear a la Virgen María y entusiasmar a muchas familias para rezar el Santo Rosario en familia, cada día. Familia que reza unida, permanece unida. La devoción a la Virgen María es un aspecto fundamental del Carisma de nuestra Fundadora. Que cada vez sean más las familias que cada día se reúnan a rezar el Santo Rosario en familia".

Compartimos fotos de nuestra celebración a Nuestra Madre Inmaculada. Renovación de votos nuestros y de las Grupos Paulinas.


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