Spiritual Testament of Mother Pauline

Excerpt from the Final Instruction of Mother Pauline to the Sisters, given on April 25, 1881

“Strive for true love. Let our love be universal, supernatural, practical, and self-sacrificing! Have a kind heart for all and from this kind heart allow only kind words to issue forth. Take to heart the words of our divine Savior which made such a deep impression on me even as a child: Judge not and you will no be judged!– And then, dear Sisters, accept everything from the hand of God with submission. To those ho love God all things work for the best. The more unreservedly you surrender yourselves to God, so much the more will he take care of you. He will not be outdone in generosity. Trust him and recognize his loving guidance in everything, small as well as great.”

The Chronicles continue: “The Lenten conferences of our beloved Reverend Mother can rightly be called the Testament of our Mother. The virtues she loved most and in the practice of which she excelled: childlike humility, sincere love of neighbor, and unwavering trust in god, these she wished to recommend to us once more as urgently as possible in the evening of her life. I might almost say that she begged us never to utter the least word against charity. How often she repeated to us the divine command to love God, adding with special emphasis: The other is like it – You should love your neighbor as yourself!”

Gut zu wissen / Good to know

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