November 4 - Anniversary of the vows of Mother Pauline and her three companions

Mother Pauline describes this important act in detail in her autobiography.

After the Litany of All Saints we received the lighted candle, knelt one step higher and pronounced the vows. My voice was audible and distinct, and I was deeply moved by the import of the solemn words.  May God grant me the grace to persevere unto the end! It is my firm resolve to live and to die in this Congregation, and to avoid everything which might jeopardize or weaken my here expressed determination. I vow to practice the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience as prescribed by the Congregation. I declared my willingness to be sent or to return at the behest of the Bishop or my superior. My life, I affirmed, was to be dedicated to the service of the blind, to children, and to those in need. To these I would consecrate my strength, my health, my time. God, grant Your strength thereto! I desire to be a victim of charity, to be consumed by charity After having pronounced the vows, I placed the written document into the hands of the Bishop. It was laid upon the altar. Thereupon, the other Sisters pronounced their vows individually. The Bishop then placed the blessed rings on the fourth fingers of our left hands. They were to remind us, he said, of the vows by which we pledged our loyalty to Christ, and as the ring has no end, so too should be our love.


The ring of Mother Pauline was found at the second opening of the tomb on March 8, 1985 and has been considered a precious relic by the Sisters ever since.


Gut zu wissen / Good to know

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