1817   June 3: Born in Minden
1824   Relocation of family to Aix-la-Chapelle
1834   Pauline‘s Mother Bernardine von Mallinckrodt dies. Pauline is responsible for the housekeeping and the employees
1837   Pauline gets involved to help the poor and sick
1839   The family moves to Böddeken/Wewelsburg (during summer) and Paderborn (during winter);
1840   Founding of first kindergarten in Paderborn, „Day Nursery for Poor Children“
1842   Beginning of education of the blind in Paderborn
1844   December 11: King Friedrich Wilhelm IV grants to Pauline‘s private-Institute for the blind the Corporation Rights
1847   Pauline hands the Institute for the blind over to the Catholic department of the government for the blind. Pauline remains the administrator.
1849   February 24: King Friedrich Wilhelm IV grants the Corporation Rights to the future Congregation
    August 21: Founding of the „Congregation of the Sisters of Christian Charity“
1850   November 4: First Profession of the first four Sisters
1863   February 21: Pontifical approbation of the Congregation
    Beginning of Kulturkampf in Prussia
1872   The state no longer permits religious teachers
1873   Sending of the first Sisters to New Orleans, LA (USA), Mother Pauline travels to the USA to look for new ministries for her Sisters
1974   The first 12 Sisters are sent to Chile.
1875   Decree of Dissolution of all existing convents in Germany
1877   Mother Pauline moves to Mont St. Guibert, Belgium
1879/80   Visit to the Sisters in North and South America and in Europe
1881   April 30: Mother Pauline dies in the Motherhouse in Paderborn
1985   April 14.: Beatification of Pauline von Mallinckrodt in Rome




Gut zu wissen / Good to know

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